Tuesday 14 April 2009

Asparagus Wrapped in Streaky Bacon

It's asparagus season and I can't get enough of the stuff! Also rather into streaky bacon too, so this is a good combination of the two. I thought I had some asparagus growing in the garden, but I can't seem to find it this year so had to resort to buying it instead - boo. I'll have another look today and see if it's hiding between the dead leaves.

I have also never made Hollandaise, thinking it too much of a risk! So, I found a really quick and easy recipe online that is simply egg yolks, melted butter, lemon juice and mustard. You could also add whatever other flavourings you wanted too. I don't even bother with exact amounts either. Add one yolk per 2/3 people and whip until light and fluffy. Mix with a little mustard and a splash of lemon juice and drizzle in melted butter, whisking all the time, until the required consistency is reached. Easy!

If the asparagus is quite slim, simply wrap in streaky bacon or prosciutto and roast at 160 for about 20 minutes. If the stems are thicker, pan fry in a little water for a few minutes first to soften, then wrap and roast. Despite this being a rather 'out-dated' recipe, it's still delicious!


  1. This is a real treat, having asparagus wrap in prosciutto. Delicious.

  2. This looks delicious. Hollandaise is great until it goes wrong LOL - I read a fantastic tip once to recover if it splits...I tried it, and it does work. 1st of all, add a spoonful of the boiling water from the pan...if not - put the bowl into sink of cold water, add a spoonfull of boiling water and whisk hard. This actually works!
    BTW - how are you getting on with Kitchen Confidential?

  3. Dan - loving Kitchen Confidential - in fact, think I've nearly finished it, but got the next book still to go!
    The Hollandaise was really easy and at no point looked like splitting! Mixed the egg with lemon and mustard at the beginning and poured in melted butter from the microwave! Don't think the top chefs would say it's technically correct but it worked a treat!


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