Thursday 23 April 2009


Wanted to blog these photos as this really was a delicious meal! It was inspired by a lovely-sounding recipe from Dan, potato Petatou, from Bourdain's Les Halles cookbook. Dan served it as a starter but I thought it held its own well as the potato dish of a main course.

I chose to grill a pork chop, serve with potatoes and spinach, and I added a little twitst to the parsley oil which was a little balsamic vinegar to give a sharpness to the meal. The balsamic was already in the potatoes themselves, so I knew it would complement the potatoes and the pork.

Thanks Dan, it really was good!


  1. Thanks Merlotti. That Petatou recipe is the best thing I've cooked for ages - really fantastic flavour. Yours look gorgeous - the photos are making me feel starving hungry actually!

  2. Oh my, this look really delicious. Making me hungry to look at this pictures.


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