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Whilst enjoying a break in Chester over the Easter weekend, we visited a restaurant in the little village of Tattenhall. I say 'little village' but it has several restaurants, this being one of the most popular. This was my second visit but my parents, and their friends especially (you know who you are!) are regular visitors.

First thoughts
We went on the evening of Easter Saturday, and mum had thought it wouldn't be very busy, but, as usual, it was full. We even bumped into friends from our village. The menu wasn't large but had plenty to choose from with a list of fish specials, fresh in on the Friday. Between us we ordered a range of different starters and mains, unusual since we generally go for similar things.

Appearance and Taste
To begin, I chose pate, two others the seafood cocktail and dad chose something with cheese in, though I can't remember what! Comments were, on the whole positive, although the boyf. did think the cocktail was a little on the small side. My pate, however, was a huge slice, obviously home-made and deliciously rich and creamy. The onion marmalade it was served with was also very tasty and the two complemented each other well.

For main course, the boys both chose sirloin steak with a Roquefort sauce. Mum and I opted for the lighter fish, for her a sea bass fillet and me, unusually, scallops in a light cream sauce.

If you've read my previous post on scallops, Scallops on Leek Puree, you'll know I am trying to get to like the roe / coral, so I managed to have one, bit by bit, although had to pass the others over to the boyf's plate, for which he was grateful. I'll get there though! The sauce was smooth and didn't mask the juicy sweetness of the scallops themselves and the grilled pancetta was a nice contrast in terms of saltiness and crispiness.

The steak was cooked well, if a little more 'done' than rare with a delicious creamy rich sauce, and the sea bass again was tasty. Pudding came next for the boys - a creme brulee and a sticky toffee pudding, both looking scrummy.

Value for Money
I have no idea what it cost as dad very kindly paid as an Easter treat! At a guess, I'd say our main courses averaged £14, starters £5 and puddings £4. We had a bottle of house red and white, and again I'm guessing £14. Aperos beforehand £11. So, all in all, lets say £125 between 4 of us, £31.25 each. Super atmosphere and very good food. We chose expensively, but I'd still say that it was value for money. I'm sure dad will comment if I've got the price estimate hideously wrong!

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