Thursday 16 April 2009

Marmite Cheddar

What could be better than Marmite-smeared toast topped with melted cheddar? I think the pictures might be a bit of a give-away! I never knew Marmite made cheese but they have certainly stumbled upon a niche in the market here. Marmite combined with Cheddar.

Despite my desire to eat all of this as soon as returned from purchasing it, the tempting little package lay in my fridge rather a long time before I got round to eating it and the anticipation grew over time. So, when I finally broke through the brown wax layer I was, to say the least, mildly disappointed. My first wonder had been the colour; how could you blend cheese and Marmite without it being brown? The answer is, apparently, you don't. The Marmite was simply little flecks that ran across the cheese.

The Cheddar itself was delicious, crumbly and light with a good flavour, but not of Marmite. As a keen Marmite lover, as you'd presume if I've chosen to buy this product, I was expecting that sharp bitter punch that hits you when you smear a little too much on a slice of toast, but there was no fear of this happening. The flavour was apparent, just, when eaten on its own, but as soon as it was melted over toast, whilst the cheese was good, there was a distinct lack of Marmiteness.

The verdict? Although the cheese was lovely, for £1.69 for a little round, I'll stick to spreading Marmite on toast, then adding cheese before popping under the grill. At least if you're going to call it 'Marmite Cheddar Cheese' give it some taste. More Marmite please!


  1. I never really tasted "Marmite", My husband used to have this in his refrigerator before we got married. I should really try it one day.

  2. hmmm Marmite flavoured cheese. Never seen it before, not sure I'd go for that, especially as it apparently doesn't tate of Marmite!. The shape and Wax packaging reminds of the Snowdonia Cheese companys stuff. They make a cheese called 'Black Bomber' - it's utterly gorgeous, the crazy thing is - prices vary so much....I've seen it for £5+ in local butchers sells it for £3.20!!!

  3. Dan: Yeah - like the Snowdonia one - their cranberry is good, and the ginger one! Was quite cheap at the food fayre I went to in Cheshire at the weekend. Direct from the source. And bigger than the Marmite ones too!

  4. Merlotti, Snowdonia never tried the Ginger one, tried the chilli one which was ok, and the herb one which was pretty nice. Direct from the source as well. They're bigger than the Marmite ones? - hard to judge the size from the pics.


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