Friday 3 April 2009

Worm Spaghetti ( a la Mrs. Twit! )

Worm spaghetti, a la Mrs Twit. That would be me. I'll give you a little history on this dish: I was given a packet of pasta made with cocoa, as the owner didn't know quite what to do with it. Neither did I, so after a few tweets I decided on a rich tomato sauce, a splash of red wine, a hint of chilli and a pinch of cocoa.

I duly roasted the tomatoes, (baby yellow, baby on-the-vine and baby plum - hence the need to roast to add flavour) with a few pieces of pepper and garlic. I blended this with a splosh of wine and chilli flakes, and (now this could have been my downfall,) instead of a pinch of cocoa, as recommended, I decided a cube or two of dark chocolate would be even better.

I have since learnt it's not.

The boyf insists it was 'spicy and nice' - not the most overwhelmingly high praise I know, but good, considering. I, however, had made the sauce earlier, and decided there and then that the chocolate was a mistake. I had several hours to consider the smell and taste of this, and built it up into even worse than it was. By the time I arrived home to cook the pasta and re-heat the sauce, I really did not want it. The decision had been made, however, so after checking with the boyf. that he would eat it if I cooked it, I put it all together.

The boyf got a rather large portion and I restricted myself to 5 forkfuls at the most - this dish is great if you're on a diet! The pasta itself was delicious - I was sensible enough to taste it 'sens' sauce. A little hint of bitterness and, despite being brown, very tasty. The sauce would definitely have benefited from a distinct lack of chocolate (or cocoa for that matter) and at least I have come to the decision that chocolate and savoury don't go in any format. Not for me anyway.

The recipe would have been delicious with a simple rich tomato sauce, and I can only wish that that's what I had made. I did leave a little pasta out, so maybe I'll try it with something more simple. The recipe on the back of the pack suggested a creamy, cheesy almond flavoured sauce? What do you think? Worth a try?


  1. Cheesy/almond - oooh no. Step away from the cooker ;o)

  2. It..erm..looks interesting! Well done for perservering and making something with it instead of condeming it to the back of the cupboard to gather dust, I would not know how to use cocoa spaghetti to be honest! We had some spinach spaghetti last year, sounds good but didn't seem to go with anything and tasted a little hmm, sad to report it got chucked in the end! :)


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