Tuesday 31 March 2009

Fish Cakes

If you're looking for something quick, easy, and out of the store cupboard, then read on...

These fish cakes are really quick and easy: I simply follow Delia's 'Cheat' recipe and add in my own bits and pieces as I go! It's a case of mushing up mashed potato, tinned fish, capers, cornichons and whatever else you'd like. I used tuna rather than salmon and left out the spoon of chopped watercress. I also covered in (shop-bought - ssshhh) natural breadcrumbs rather than semolina.
The most difficult part is frying them; I find that you need a good layer of oil that the fishcakes can sit in, rather than just a little to line the pan. And heat the pan til very hot, then turn down once browned to heat the middle. You could always pan-fry first and finish in the oven if you prefer.

I served mine with a tomato and onion salad smothered in dijon mustard dressing.


  1. I really like fishcakes (raised on them!) but for some reason my boyf hates them, no idea why as he likes fish and potatoes, as long as seperate! Like the idea of the cornichons but really the capers I will let you keep :)

  2. Hello Merlotti,
    I like blog and I LOVE fichcakes!
    Nina :)

  3. ...I like "YOUR" blog...sorry...


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