Thursday 12 March 2009

Monday Night Treats

Had a course locally today so got home a bit earlier than usual! Even managed a trip to the shop to buy food (rather than the leaf-blower I spent last week's food money on!) Getting home early gave me lots of time to cook. I had been dying to make Dan's chocolate fondant (more about those later in the week!) and also wanted to use fresh ingredients in a light starter and main.

We began with Insalata Caprese (sorry Dan, I'm really not trying to copy all your brilliant ideas!) I used baby on-the-vine tomatoes, packet mozzarella and fresh basil with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The mozzarella was tasteless, but if I had a local deli, I'd definitely have used it for this ingredient! You can't beat real, fresh, creamy mozzarella balls. I wonder if you can freeze them?! Ideas on a postcard...

I had two pieces of salmon that needed eating, so simply pan-fried them, wilted some spinach with butter and pepper for their bed and baked some herby scones instead of mash / potatoes / rice. All served with a dollop of aioli.

Pudding was delicious, and I won't spoil the later post by telling you now, that they worked out perfectly. All I need now are some of those lovely round pudding-type tins that I can't remember the name of!


  1. Merlotti,
    Ooooh my first Blog namecheck! Exciting.
    It all looks fantastic, and on a Monday night too, so glad the fondant recipe came good - it's a cracking desert.

    As for freezing Buffalo Mozzarella - I had some from Tesco's recently, and it said 'not suitable for freezing' on the packaging. So unless somebody else knows different....

    I like the look of your herby scones - I'd love the recipe?

    The Metal Pudding tins you spreak of, I believe they're called Dariole moulds.
    Showing my ignorance here perhaps, but what's the "bread in a pot" type thing in your Insalata Caprese photo? did you make it?

  2. Dan - lots to answer! Yes, I remember now, they are called dariole moulds, you are correct! Will post recipe for scones - it was a Good Food one. And yes, the bread in pot was a successful trial and will post later this week!

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmm I am thinking you don't have enough ICT work to do!!!


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