Friday 13 March 2009

Bread Pots

I was out at a lovely old mill at the weekend, which is now an antiques centre - all sorts of antiques, from architectural, to trinkets - and came across these little terracotta plantpots. Each one is roughly hewn and stands at only about 8-10 cm tall! I really couldn't resist buying them and knew straight away what I was going to use them for - Bread Pots! Well, they were only 30p each!

Dough - all risen as hoped and ready to bake!

I gave them a good scrub with very hot water and soap, but no amount of soaking and scratching could remove some of the embedded soil! Oh well, at least they were 'clean'. I buttered and floured each one well before starting and made a plain white bread dough. I used a Delia recipe, but ended up adjusting proportions as I went along - as usual. I only cooked them for about 20 minutes as I used teeny-tiny pots instead of huge great loaf tins.

I served them with delicious Insalata Caprese to soak up the olive oil and balsamic.


  1. These look fantastic - really rustic. What did the bread taste like?

  2. I keep meaning to have a go at this. There is a wonderful fish restaurant in York (the Blue Bicycle) where they serve their bread in little flowers pots, it looks really effective!

    Yours look great, especially the tops!

  3. These look great. Like Springtime I've also had the lovely potted bread in The Blue Bicycle!


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