Sunday 15 March 2009

1 Lombard Street


1 Lombard Street, 1 Lombard Street, London,

An apology for the photos with this post; my phone doesn't 'do' atmospheric lighting!

First thoughts:

I'd never heard of this restaurant before, but with a little search online, I found that until this year, it held a Michelin star. The chef patron is Herbert Berger and Tim Richardson is head chef, running the kitchen on a day-to-day basis. Before I go on, I must mention that after our first course, I popped to the toilet. (I know you're wondering why I comment on this, but please read on!) On the way, I came across the kitchens, and couldn't resist having a peep around the doors - well, one was open, so it didn't seem too rude. As I watched the bustle and preparation in awe, Tim Richardson invited me in! I was so excited, and couldn't possibly refuse! He showed me what happened at each section, how the restaurant and brasserie sections were under different chefs and what went where. He was really lovely, happy to chat and obviously very content to show someone round the kitchens without any worries on a busy Friday evening. I just want to record my thanks to him - it really made the evening and to see inside such a fantastic restaurant kitchen was a real privilege! Thank you!


The restaurant is 'housed' in an old banking hall and has a wonderful dome in the middle. We visited the brasserie section and the atmosphere was bubbling: There was a pianist playing at a lovely volume. The food all looked amazing; small, neat portions, beautifully presented.


The menu was a five-course set menu that we found on an offer, but the food was excellent. We began with a small cup of butternut squash soup. This was served in a little espresso cup and was rich, thick, creamy and well seasoned with a hint of pepper and spice.

To follow was the fish course. This was Asian inspired Salmon, cooked to perfection; sticky and crispy with a hint of spice on the outside whilst still pink in the middle. It was served alongside a trio of 'sauces': a thick and salty dark soy, crunchy and tangy pickled ginger and what I think was a coriander verde. The salad was served on a bed of something I couldn't quite put my finger on - I'm not one for reading menus properly either - but that I think had the freshness of Kaffir Lime, although I may be mistaken! A shame the waiters didn't place each plate down with the lines of sauce in the same place and going in the same direction.

Main course was rolled lamb served on a bed of mash and, I want to say Kale, but can't be sure! Sorry! It was served with slow-roasted shallots which were sweet and yummy and was seasoned with garlic. The lamb was soft and tender and simply melted in the mouth.

After main course was a tangy granita - my boyfriend's portion was considerably larger than mine, but that's probably for the best! I think it was passion-fruit, but again, didn't read the menu so can't be sure! ( I really ought to pay more attention if I'm going to review regularly!)

We both chose cheese for dessert, a selection of 5: Cheddar, Reblochon, Camembert, Goat's cheese (at this point I had disappeared for another sneak peek at the kitchen and my boyfriend couldn't remember exactly what they'd said!) and Stilton. Now, in good restaurants I'm used to the cheese being served from mildest to strongest (again, my boyfriend insisted it was from hard to soft, but what I thought made more sense) so I was disappointed to find this wasn't the case. The Stilton was in amongst the mild and creamy goat's cheese and the Reblochon, which was possibly the mildest of the 5. If I'd have sequenced them, I'd have begun with the Reblochon, moving onto the goat's cheese, followed by the cheddar, then the Camembert, and finally the Stilton.

We added on coffee that arrived with a whole plate of petit fours - just as many for us two as for the table of 5 next to us! And they were all delicious.

To Drink:

We bought a bottle of French red, think it may have been a Cabernet Sauvignon for £20, which was light and fruity.

Value for Money:

The set menu was £19.95 per person - excellent value. The wine, I thought, was a little pricey, but then it is a top restaurant, and we both finished with 'un cafe'. The bill came to £65, £73 ish with service. The food was outstanding, the atmosphere chilled and bubbling at the same time, and the service very good. I'd definitely return, again and again!


  1. Always fancied trying 1 Lombard Street, the food looks very nice from your photos, especially at that price - and the added bonus of getting shown around the kitchen by the Head Chef during service - Fantastic. very jealous.

  2. this is seriously good value for money - defintely one i will try! i'll just skip the wine then!


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