Thursday 5 November 2009

Damson Jelly

Plonked on the staffroom table the week before half term were several bags of 'nearly ready to turn to mush' damsons. Thanks to Stacy's mum's next door neighbour! Now, never one to let bags of food go to waste, I hastily looked up a damson jelly recipe: I've previously made plum jam and spiced plum chutney, so I needed a slight change!

The bag arrived home safe and sound with only a little juice leakage onto the floor amt of the car! They had to sit for another day at home while I found some preserving sugar, as stated in the recipe. I then followed all the instructions, to the point of making my own strainer with a j-cloth and sieve! I was, however, a little over-zealous with the 'bubbling' stage of it, and it became thick rather too quickly for my liking! Once done, I chose to pour a shallow layer into a silicone baking tray and let set.

By the time I came to cutting it into little squares to serve with cheese, it was incredibly gooey! So much so, that when you eat it, it gels and melts in your mouth. Ok, so not easy to cut and slice with the cheese but very tasty nonetheless.

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