Tuesday 3 November 2009

Figs with Port and Honey

A Winter Warmer treat, that's so easy and so tasty. Slice down the figs, leaving the base intact. Spoon over some runny honey, pour over a little port and place in a hot oven until the figs start to 'melt' and become soft and gooey. Serve with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream. Perfect as the evenings begin to draw in.


  1. Figs are brilliant aren't they. Easy and glamorous at the same time. They like a splash of booze thrown on them too!

  2. Figs look good ..also tasty with a litte mascarpone..just an unrelated quick tip..when making crumble, cook topping separately for 10 mins ..then add to fruit. it stops topping going soggy where it touches fruit. It works as I tried it on sunday on blackberry and plum crumble..mmmmm!! M x


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