Saturday 7 November 2009

Family Favourite Recipes

I thought I'd put together a quick reference list of tea-time family favourites. Some are my recipes, but mostly, I've adapted from others! Have a look and click the link. Happy tea-time!

Tandoori Pork burgers. I serve this in flatbread with salad, and homemade sweet chilli dip!

Mediterranean Chicken:
This recipe was given to me by a friend and every time I make it I add more ingredients! It's essentially chicken breast with a vegetable and cheesy tomato sauce.

Cheesy Chicken Breast:
Chicken stuffed with cheese and herbs and wrapped in bacon. Yum. Serve with potato wedges and beans!

Fish Cakes:
A Delia Cheat recipe - I always use tuna instead of salmon and buy the breadcrumbs. Easy!

Fish Pie:
This requires a bit more preparation than the other, but is delicious filling.

Lamb Kebabs:
A quick and easy combination of ingredients. Fun to make with the children.

An easy base and cover with whatever you fancy. Scroll down past the gnocchi to get to the pizza ideas!

Toad in the Hole:
Quick and easy family favourite, especially delicious served with caramelised onion gravy!

Fish Cakes on Foodista

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